Our Services

As a licensed company providing manpower outsourcing, our clients enjoy a streamlined sponsorship program reducing the hustle of local labour laws, insurance, compensation and accommodations of their employees. Over the past decade, our reputation has reached prestigious levels in the industry. This is primarily due to our valued customers whose demands come first. A combination of up-to-date management techniques, strategic approaches, loyalty to our clients and full adherence to quality contributes to our success. Paragon Employment Services, has a proven track record of delivering tangible, precise and valuable results to our customers. Our company has prudently designed policies and programs aimed at placing the right person in the right job. Paragon provides highly qualified labours to support all types of workforce needs and expanding its horizon into the restaurants, real estate and resorts verticals.


Has specific recruitment services in hiring professionals, both skilled and unskilled.


We also offer services in labour housing, marketing consultancy, and employment in various categories.